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By registering you`ll be able create new albums, invite users to view your albums, protect your albums, multiple image uploads, along with other cool functions such as resizing your photos, cropping your photos & much more.

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Below are additional watermark functions that can be applied to your image:
Optional Watermark
You can watermark jpg and png images by selecting one of the example images to the left. This option is particuarly useful for exposing and ensuring fake or stolen images cannot be used as tools for scammers
You can include additional text or www location to your image:

Be aware of Internet Fraud

Internet scams are by no means a recent phenomenon. However, scammers often obtain or use documents and images of innocent victims for the purpose of making their fraud more convincing.

This is for the same reason we provide watermark options to prevent the same images being reused by the scammers exposing them to sites like google etc.

In addition scammers often use fake sites claiming to be legitimate sites. We now offer a free website tool which can be helpful for identifying fake sites which includes domain registration info. We hope you find it useful!

You can learn more about internet fraud using our community supported links list

Free Proxy

    Registration is not required, but creating an account lets you manage your uploads and use other extra features. Please make sure to read our Terms & Conditions before using our image hosting service. Adult rated images are not allowed and will be removed.

    Free webmaster accounts with additional features are available on request

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Terms and Conditions

  • No pornographic, nudity, or exploitation images are allowed
  • No images that violate copyrights or basically are illegal
  • No images that promote hate, race, discrimination of any kind
  • No SPAM using our service for the hosting of the images
  • We reserve the right to delete or suspend your account
  • These terms can be amended at any time

    If any of the above rules are broken your account can be suspended or deleted without notice

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